Austin Society of Karate

Why Choose Us

Austin Society of Karate has been in the Austin area since 1983. The program places emphasis on building self-esteem, self-defense, and self-confidence

Multiple Locations

We have many locations in Austin, Lockhart, Round Rock, and Manor along with different training days to fit all schedules.

Affordable Tuition

ASK believes that Martial Arts should be available for everyone. We pride ourselves on having low tuition rates so that anyone can participate.

What is Karate

Karate is a contact sport. At certain times during the course of each session, students will be sparring. Unlike boxing, the object of our style of Karate is to score points without hurting your opponent.

Self Defense

Every student is taught self defense. The goal of Karate, or any martial art is not to learn to fight but to learn to protect. This allows each of our students to have the confidence that they can protect both themselves and their friends and family.

A Good Workout

While there are tons of focus on Karate techniques and self defense, sparring requires good cardio. Every one of our students work together to motivate each other to get in better shape each class.